Inverter battery UPS solution


Our focus is on alternative energy products. After sharing the frustration of power outages with the rest of the country, it became abundantly clear that black-outs are imminent and one needed a solution not to be “left in the dark” pun intended of course! Outages due to cable theft are also unavoidable.

Not only limited to being a comprehensive solution for load shedding, the system is expandable to add solar Panels (PVs) to harvest energy from the sun.

The Inverter-Battery system charges the batteries when there is electricity thus ensuring that the batteries are fully charged when there is a power outage. The most important initial action that one has to take will be to reduce the load consumption in the household which we will assist with. That would be replacing lights with LED bulbs which consume way less power as compared to the traditional lights. On an outage the consumption needs to be reduced to ensure sustainability of the batteries.  One can get up to 8 hours of power from the batteries during an outage.

A 5kVA inverter is able to accommodate 4800Watts of power. An average usage of 900Watts can be catered for by the batteries to ensure a longer duration during an outage. Lights, multiple fridges, decoders, laptops and TVs can be accommodated by the capacity. The systems are also suitable for small offices, consulting rooms and shops. Bigger systems are really needed if you want to have a situation where you are totally unaware of the fact that the power is off or want to run a fair sized shop or business.

The system is much cleaner and has a lot of advantages as compared to a generator.

Why choose the Inverter system over the Generator

When deciding between an Inverter-Battery system and a Generator you have to consider two things. Studies to evaluate the cost of inverter-battery systems against generators show that they cost the same and mostly generator power is slightly more expensive. This was done by comparing the net present value of electric power during load shedding over five years. Generators need more consideration as compared to the inverter system. Oversized generators will seize due to a piston sleeve effect called glassing and undersized generators simply stall. Running a generator for hours per day is an irritation, initially to your neighbours and, once the denial period expired, to yourself. Also, few generators were designed to run for long periods and still last. So, when you get near the end of the evening movie, while your kids want to sleep without the generator’s rattling, you may want to ask yourself why you did not take the more elegant and cheaper option.