Solar Panels Installation


We ensure that the Inverter battery solution that we install makes provision to be upgraded by adding solar panels. Since the Inverter is solar panel ready, one does not need to replace the inverter or buy new regulators. The solar panels can just be added to the system by using the current inverter and batteries. With this option one can install on a limited budget and add on as the budget becomes available.

Given the abundance of sunshine in South Africa, a Photovoltaic (PV) System is a good option to generate power if you are off-grid or simply want to generate power to reduce your dependence on the grid. Whether you buy electricity off the grid or generate your own power, it remains expensive, so investing in power saving is a much better proposition than investing in generating power. That is why one has to start a Solar Panel project thus reducing electricity to an absolute minimum. MEEBS will provide you with specialised energy advice. All the statements are applicable to both commercial and industrial applications.

Sunny South Africa is an ideal location for PV power generation. The panels will provide energy to the household thus not utilising municipal or Eskom supply.

Priority settings are done to ensure that only the Solar panels and batteries are utilised before utilising electricity from the municipality. As a result, one can save over 65-75% of their electricity bill.

Not only is this product safe and completely harmless to the environment, it requires low maintenance and is an absolute convenience.  Our product is custom made to suit your needs as per required capacity which makes it highly competitive with the rest of the products on the market. Contact us to get customised solution.